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First: Legal Advice

The law firm provides legal advice through an elite group of consultants specialized in the legal field. the Law Firm of Al-Mubarak is distinguished by its keeping pace with the developments and technologies of the times, as in light of this accelerating age, each of us needs to know his rights, duties, and legal position towards a given matter or a future project, in a quick and accurate way.

Hence, we took this into account and did not limit ourselves to the traditional ways of communicating between the law firm and the clients to take legal advice on a subject. Traditionally any client who has legal advice must go to the law firm specialized in that, but with us it is different where you can send your query via e-mail, explaining all the details related to it, and one of our specialized advisors will review it and provide a legal opinion on it, supporting his opinion with the legal and statutory texts, and then send it by e-mail or fax, ensuring the confidentiality of all data and information contained in the consultation.


Second: Preparing, Drafting & Registering Contracts and Agreements

1. Although most people know the importance of drafting and writing legal contracts in a professional manner that prevents confusion in understanding any paragraph, some of these people believe that they may not need a lawyer

Our Services

when signing a contract. Of course, that is certainly not true at all, because writing legal contracts requires art, science, and creativity, and it is not just a matter of searching for a model of a lease contract, a model of a partnership contract, a maintenance contract, or whatever type of contract to be written, and then amending the paragraphs of this contract as it fits you. Therefore, it is not surprising that the legal service is financially costly because with a lawyer with you, you will be in a fortified fortress, Allah

Willing, from signing any contract that may lead to deception or the loss of all or some of what you have. In many cases it appears – but it was too late – that requesting a consultation with a lawyer was invaluable when signing, for example, an employment contract, a service contract, a home or car purchase contract, or even your marriage contract. It is known that legal agreements and contracts contain a lot of special terms and conventions, and therefore having a lawyer with you who understands all of this will relieve you later from entering into complications or legal problems that could have arisen in the future.

  1. The law firm, through a specialized team, drafts contracts and agreements in Arabic and English, and reviews them, which helps in the success of project management for entities and individuals, and prevents the existence of any differences that may appear with the continuation of these various contractual relations.

Our Services

  1. The law firm is characterized by a qualified team that drafts all types of civil, commercial, administrative and labor contracts, review them, negotiate with others regarding their terms and requirements, and develop solutions and proposals regarding the legitimate and legal problems that obstruct their implementation, including, for example:
  • Civil contracts:

(sale – rent – bare – contracting and subcontracting – work – agency – deposit – guard – surety – general construction)

  • Commercial contracts:

(agencies, names, trademarks, and commercial sales – companies of all kinds – commercial mortgage – guarantee – Transferring – investment financing – supply).

  • Administrative Contracts:

Drafting or reviewing contracts that our clients conclude with government agencies, participating in negotiations (according to the client’s desire) before concluding them, trying to solve problems that obstruct their implementation, and claiming the rights arising from them.

  • Employment contracts:

drafted in line with the development taking place in successive labor regulations and the latest decisions issued by the Ministry of Labor.

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Third: The claim statement and their response memos, the appellate regulations, and the cassation regulations

This service is concerned with writing all kinds of lawsuit papers, responding to them, submitting memoranda and letters, and preparing appeal regulations on judgments issued against the client within the period specified for the objection in accordance with the laws, regulations, and methods of pleading, as well as preparing the cassation regulations submitted to the Supreme Court.

Fourth: Request for Reconsideration

Preparing petitions for reconsideration and submitting memoranda on judgments acquired peremptory status (in whatever capacity) if the convict considers that he has a right, in accordance with the laws, regulations, and cases considered jurisprudence and Sharia.

Fifth: Representation in Pleadings, Disputes, and Cases

This service includes directing cases, attending their sessions, and the consequent pleadings and discussions before all courts, judicial and non-judicial bodies, specialized committees, arbitration bodies, labor and workers disputes, and other governmental and non-governmental bodies and institutions.

Sixth: International and Local Arbitration

Arbitration has become one of the most important means of settling global disputes between multinational companies, and our clients can from time to time designate our law firm or one of its members as an arbitrator in national or international arbitration bodies.

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Seventh: Criminal Cases

the Law Firm of Al-Mubarak is distinguished in the criminal field by its long experience in solving criminal cases, as well as by what the law firm has done since its inception by pleading and defending the largest criminal cases in the Kingdom. The law firm has a well-known and wide experienced cadre in this field.

Eighth: Companies

 The law firm provides its clients with advisory services in the field of laws related to the establishment and registration of national and foreign legal persons, finding the necessary solutions related to the management of companies, partner meetings, amending the contracts of incorporation of companies of all kinds listed in the companies and investment law, and what is related to company shares or their interests in terms of sale, assignment or legal actions.

Ninth: Labor Cases

The law firm follows all labor cases as from amicable stage which is considered the first stage in the labor cases between the laborer and the employer where bridging opinion views between both parties is undergoing to try to resolve the dispute in an amicable way as possible or by following up the case when referred to the labor court.

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Tenth: Commercial Cases

Commercial cases represent the most diverse and widespread cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the Ministry of Justice established commercial courts with the aim of contributing to providing the highest guarantee for litigants to speed up the settlement of the commercial case. The Law Firm of Al Mubarak provides advice and follow-up on all commercial cases of all kinds through a team specialized in such cases, especially bankruptcy cases. The team is characterized by experience and speed in delivery.

Eleventh: Insurance Violations Issues

The field of insurance services includes the formulation and review of insurance contracts and the defense of disputes arising from it in relation to the following:

– Fire, accident, public liability insurance.

– Civil insurance.

– Reinsurance.

– Air and marine insurance.

– Claims.

Twelve: intellectual property

The technological and technical progress that prevails in today’s world has made intellectual and artistic property at the core of the work of law offices in this field. In this context, our law firm does the following:

Our Services


The law firm handles all cases, including: