About Us

Since its incorporation, the Law Firm of Al-Mubarak has set off as a leading beacon in providing the legal opinion, advice, information, services, and consultations to be a specialized law firm providing the information and legal advice in light of the momentum that the areas of life enjoy from the various legal needs of individuals, establishments and others.

the Law Firm of Al-Mubarak furnishes you a selection of legal and regulatory solutions and proposals in line with the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provides you the prevention from falling into legal and regulatory failures during your daily life, hence constituting the right way to treat all problems before their occurrence, reaching to achieving your planned objectives.


Accordingly, the Law Firm of Al-Mubarak guarantees you the clarity of vision by giving you a clear-cut picture of the issues at hand and how to find appropriate solutions to them. We are of the approach that all disputes shall be solved amicably without reverting to courts and in case we find that recourse to the judiciary becomes inevitable we then are fully prepared to represent you and provide all advice to the client regarding the proposed dispute to achieve success in the case.