Our Employees

We estimate the practical experience as much as the scientific expertise, and therefore we have employed a staff who enjoy the long experience in the legal field and have full familiarity with and full knowledge of all legal and regulatory matters. They have been provided with all means of research and training that enable them to deal with all different issues using all contemporary and qualitative means in line with the laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while maintaining continuous communication with the client to discuss all the variables that occur during the course of the case and their impact on the expected results when the judgment is issued and to provide him with a detailed report on the developments.

Accordingly, we have a team of lawyers specialized in commercial, real estate, corporate, finance, labor, criminal and other laws.

Our team enjoys extensive experience in managing cases and representing clients before all types of competent quasi-judicial courts, commissions and committees in addition to collecting the amounts owed to clients, whether in the governmental or private sectors, through negotiations, settlements and friendly understandings.

Our team also performs the commercial arbitration service in disputes where the presence of a legal arbitrator is required, given that the law firm includes a cadre of legal arbitrators accredited to the Ministry of Justice.

Our team is also well versed in the languages of Arabic, English and French and can handle cases in a commercial and practical way while providing legal advice, taking into account the client’s interest, its financial policies and business vision.